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Derren Brown – How To Win The Lottery

September 11, 2009 9pm in TV | Comments (0)

Is anyone else watching this on Channel 4 right now?

His fallacious maths and logic is making me CRINGE!  People will believe anything you tell them!!!

Although, you’ve got to hand it to the guy, it makes for entertaining viewing, and I bet C4 will be paying him as much as he would have won on the National Lottery anyway.

If he really predicted the numbers on Wednesday night, he would have shown us his predictions BEFORE the draw.  I mean, COME ON.

But I’m disappointed with myself, there’s a tiny bit of me (like 0.01%) that thinks that what he’s saying might possibly be true.  Oh god, what sort of mathematician am I?

What he said about one set of coin tosses coming up being more likely than another was actually true.  However, that bit where the guy was stamping on the cups?  Simple… he told him which cup had the knife in it off camera.  Hard?  I think not!

Tell me this people… if he predicted the lottery numbers… then why didn’t he buy a ticket and win the money!  “Because Channel 4 wouldn’t let me”?  Give me a break!!!!!  Why didn’t he let his family know the prediction?  Ridiculous.

I recorded Wednesday’s show, and watched it back over and over again… you can see that even though it appeared to be filmed on a hand-held camera, there was a split screen involved.  If you looked really really closely on a large TV, you could see one of the balls (the number 39) jump up a fraction at one point.  Not easy to see, but possible if you were looking for it.

Velocity diet days 29-35

September 2, 2009 11am in Velocity Diet | Comments (0)

Since I started eating solid food again, my weight has gone back up by 1kg or so, I’m not terribly surprised but can’t help be a bit disappointed, I’m now only 1.5kg lighter than before I started eating only liquid food for 28 days.  Still, my new measurements back up my observations that there has been some change.

I was only supposed to eat one healthy solid meal a day this week, I got half of it right, I’ve only had one meal per day but if I’m honest it wasn’t always super healthy.

My VBurn challenge for week 5 was 22m 32s – another improvement of a minute from last week’s challenge.