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It’s coooold…..

November 10, 2009 11pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (1)

This is the electronic temperature display I pass every day on the way to work.

It’s hard to see in the picture since I took it with my mobile phone, but the electronic temperature shows 5 degrees…

It’s 5 degrees in the morning when I walk to work now… winter’s definitely on its way! I’m going to need to dig out my snowboarding jacket soon.

PS: it looks like the guy crossing the road has a really funny walk! LOL

I’m going to Zurich!

November 10, 2009 11pm in Travel | Comments (0)

On a lighter note, I just booked tickets to Zurich! My friend Oli has moved there and I’m flying there for a snowboarding holiday. It’s not until 26 Feb, but I am VERY exited.

£46 for a return flight – amazing.  Plus £16 for a bag… but still amazing.

It will be my first flight with EasyJet, and my first flight out of London Gatwick airport.

Hone Harawira should be AUTOMATICALLY EXPELLED from parliament.

November 10, 2009 11pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (0)

Pure and simple. Hone Harawira should be sacked.

I wrote quite a rant on Facebook, and then after 10 minutes deleted part of it – originally I used the same langauge he used, but then I removed it, not because I didn’t want to stoop to his level, but more that I don’t believe in swearing. Especially not swearing when you’re in a position of power and a representative of our country.

Read this if you’re not sure what I’m talking about:

He’s entitled to think what he wants. But not to express it in his position. I’m not saying anything else in case I get angry.

£90 million Euromillions jackpot tonight

November 6, 2009 8pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (2)

So, I’m going to win £90,000,000 on the Euromillions tonight. Awesome. My odds of winning are apparently 1 in 19,068,840… but part of the fun is buying a ticket gives you the right to dream about what you would do with the money if you won. Even at the current exchange rate, where the British Pound is the weakest it has ever been against the New Zealand Dollar in the history of the Dollar, that’s over $200,000,000. Imagine that.

So what will I do with it?

I’d buy this (this would be my runaround):

and this (my summer car for long trips):

Then after buying a few houses in warm places (and also somewhere in Ohakune to be near the snow) I’ll probably spend all the rest of the money travelling round the world first class. Oh how great that will be.

When I win, I don’t want all you lot coming to me asking for money. You can each have £100 which I might double if I’m feeling generous. Aren’t I a nice guy! :-) Nah I’m just kidding. You can each have £150 and I will let you be a passenger in my Audi.

What a day at work

November 6, 2009 7pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (1)

Well, at work today we had a user who insisted he had an expired order show on his list, and we spent a while investigating and told him that we don’t filter expired orders from the view. So he said “well it wasn’t like that yesterday”, and to analyze that sort of thing you need to look at the audit logs, which the developers (including me) don’t have access to. The business don’t even let the developers have access to the systems that they themselves have created. Gah.

Then I had a disagreement with a workmate who wants to stick to the tried and tested methods of software developement, rather than using a new way that I wanted to use. I would have saved a lot of time by doing it my way, but of course he was able to argue his point because it’s the documented method and therefore approved by the management.

Then the project lead announced that he is leaving on Wednesday. That’s so soon! He’s the only one that can keep calm in our team when things go bad (and things go bad a lot – all the developers in our team have very different styles – not good).

Then, we had a system crash on us at 5.05pm, just as I was about to walk out the door. It took me and four other people 80 minutes to get it running again. Like the morning, it would have taken 10 minutes if the developers were allowed access to the production system, but the management won’t let us have it. Craziness.

And then, on the way home when I went to Costcutter, I was overcharged and had to go back and complain. I was overcharged £1.08, not a lot, but when you’re only spending £5 it’s quite a lot. I don’t like complaining in stores because you make the sales assistant feel bad and then you feel bad because they feel bad.

At least when I left work at 6.30pm in the pouring rain I had remembered to bring my umbrella. And it’s Friday! So it’s not all bad.

Running again, and no hiccups!

November 6, 2009 7pm in Health and Fitness | Comments (0)

Well after aching all week from my long run on Monday, I went out again last night.  I started out going the same way as I did on Monday, but once I got through the Rotherhithe Tunnel on the south side of the river I thought to myself “wow, to do a half-marathon I would have to be out for another 1 hr 40.  No way can I be bothered doing that” even though I wasn’t hurting at all.  So clearly running a long way is all about mind over matter!

It was Guy Fawkes night, and I was almost hesitant to go out with all the fireworks going on, because I fear in Tower Hamlets you have the sort of people who would purposely aim their fireworks at you.  But I went out anyway, and saw a lot of people with fireworks and it was nice.  I avoided some young people lighting fireworks in the middle of Wapping Woods but otherwise it was uneventful.

And I had no hiccups when I got back!  Awesome.

I’m not planning on putting up every run that I’ve done, if you’re really interested you can follow my progress at

Hiccups again right on cue, third night in a row

November 4, 2009 5pm in Health and Fitness | Comments (2)

So… the third night in a row I’ve got hiccups. They started the instant I walked out the doors at work, and it’s taken me 30 minutes to get home and they are only just slowly starting to slow. I’m getting a bit worried that they’re going to reappear every night, or while I’m actually at work.

Hiccups are so pointless, they’re like a sneeze, they have no obvious point and occasionally they just simply hurt! Grr hiccups. Boo I say.

Jet Set Willy

November 3, 2009 11pm in Yes, I'm a geek. | Comments (1)

Jet Set Willy - The BathroomI used to love this game as a kid on my Commodore 64. Then Jet Set Willy II came out and I loved that even more.

Because I’m such a geek, I wrote my own version of Jet Set Willy in around June this year (about 22 years after I played the original). It’s a version that you can play in your browser here. I tried to make it as close to the original as possible, even with the same music.

Surprisingly, when you do a search on Google for Jet Set Willy, mine comes up third (your results depends on your country, but on my computer it comes up third). I think that’s pretty good – that means it’s the third most important link in the world on Jet Set Willy – not bad considering I only did my version a few months ago.

Now, if only I knew how to make money from this sort of thing.

My third half marathon, and the hour or two of hiccups that followed

November 3, 2009 10pm in Health and Fitness | Comments (0)

Half Marathon 3 Old Kent RoadYesterday, I went out for a run and while I was out I decided that I felt I could run a long way, so I did, I ended up running for 21.6km – just over half a marathon.

I went through the outskirts of Peckham, and most of the length of Old Kent Road… and it was after dark!  What was I thinking!

When I got back, I could hardly move my arms the 50cm required to pick up my glass of water, and sitting down and getting up and walking from the lounge to the kitchen was a struggle.

The worst bit was that in the evening, around midnight, I started hiccupping, and they just went on and on and on.  I lay in bed and they were still going, it was hard to say how long they went on but it was at least an hour.  And tonight, about 15 minutes ago, they started again!  I am hiccupping non-stop as I write this, and they’re showing no signs of letting up.  I’m not sure if hiccups and long runs go hand in hand, but if they do, I think I’m going to change to a different form of exercise.

I hate hiccups. When I was younger I used to get hiccups every time I went out for a few drinks, and they would last for hours.  They’re not as frequent these days, but still equally annoying when they do come.

I managed to hobble into work this morning.  I’m stil aching a bit but now it’s more just like the usual soreness you get after some weights.

Hi Liz!!!

November 1, 2009 6pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (1)

Hi Liz!!!!!!!!!!