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Sketch Swap – a fun way to fill in some time!

August 20, 2010 6pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (1)

I thought after my last post on T-Mobile I should write something nice today! It’s Friday so it’s not hard to be in a good mood!

I was super bored last night, and after looking on the net for something to occupy myself I found Sketch Swap… basically you draw on a (virtual) whiteboard, and once you’ve finished, it draws on that whiteboard a picture that someone else drew.

So… I drew this:

Yummy Grapes

and I got this drawn for me on the screen:


I drew this:

Moonwalking Arachnid

and got this:

Potato Face

I drew this:

Pit Bull Ish

and got this:


I drew this:


and got this:

I Love Pies

Apparently they’re approved behind the scenes so you know you won’t get shown something horrible. Although who knows if that’s still happening, this site’s been around a few years it seems and maybe the authors are no longer approving pictures. It’s a bit of a shame to think that my masterpieces (come on, they are, aren’t they?) are going nowhere and will be seen by nobody.

Go on, give it a go!

PS. apparently K.L.B. in Connecticut loves pies, or at least she did on Feb 11 2006. Who doesn’t :D
PPS. it’s cooler on the site because it actually draws it the way the person originally drew it… which you can’t see here on my blog.

T-Mobile! Stop goddamn texting me!!

August 19, 2010 1pm in Random Ramblings,Yes, I'm a geek. | Comments (12)

When I got back from my holiday last month, I got myself a new phone as I thought it was about time that I had a phone with internet on it. I joined T-Mobile because they had the best deal.

But now they won’t stop texting me with SPAM and JUNK!!! Every couple of days, I get a text telling me about some new feature, thing I don’t need or offer I don’t want.

So yesterday I called customer services (on a premium rate number of course) and was told that by texting STOP to 49011, I would be removed from all marketing. So I did.

Since then I’ve had more texts than ever.

Yesterday, 13:22 from “T-Mobile”: T-Mobile is really pleased to have helped you today, for 24 hour access to manage your account log in Thankyou, Stephen PS78

Yesterday, 13:23 from “49011″: Thank you, you will be removed from the T-Mobile Marketing mail list within 14 days. Pelase note this does not stop marketing messages from other companies.

Yesterday, 13:23 from “49011″: Thank you your request has been received. Please allow up to 14 days for changes to take affect.

Today, 13:26 from “T-Mobile”: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile! We’ll text you shortly for some feedback about your experience with us (All texts are free)

Today, 13:28 from “303510″: Q1 of 4: Overall, how satisfied were you with your call experience? [followed by a list of multichoice]

T-Mobile… listen… stop it! Stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it! STOP IT! What part of “I don’t want any more texts from you” don’t you understand??? One more text and I will be making a formal complaint.

By the way, I shouldn’t have to wait 14 days. Their developer needs to simply run the following SQL query to remove me from their database:

DELETE FROM numbers_to_annoy_incessantly_for_the_rest_of_their_life WHERE name = “Matthew Coolness McGee”.

That’s not difficult, is it? If that takes 14 days, then they have a severly defective index in their database schema.

Can I also take this time to say that T-Mobile are shit. Don’t use them. 70% of the time when I try to use anything that requires internet on my phone, I’m hit with “Connection failed”, “No network available”, or that sort of gubbins. This is despite being in an office building 8 floors up with full advertised phone reception. Plus, 30% of texts I send come back with “unable to send message”, and then I find out from my friends that they got my messages twice. That turns out to be costly for me when I start texting people in New Zealand.

Grr T-Mobile. You suck. I was with O2 for 3 years and never had a problem with them. Wish I’d paid an extra fiver a month and stayed with them.