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Oh no, calling and texting allowed on planes, it’s finally happened

February 7, 2011 12pm in News Stories | Comments (5)

I was hoping that this would never happen… but sadly, it’s here – Air NZ to allow calls, texts on new plane.

And I can tell you right now – I will fly on no plane that allows calls and texts if I’m expecting to sleep on that flight (which is practically every flight over one hour).

Can you imagine anything worse than being on a 24 hour flight from London, being woken up constantly with text message beeps, and “Hello? What? I’m on the plane. I said I’M ON THE PLANE. Yup, be there at 6am. Did you remember to buy washing powder? No, get it from Pak N Save, it’s eight cents cheaper there”.

Christ almighty.

I already prefer not to fly with Air New Zealand because their staff are unprofessional and they offer you no refund if they cancel your flight, but this will be the straw that broke the camel’s back I think.

They might try and disallow phones on during night hours, but my guess is that will go the same way as insisting people turn their phones off in the cinema… i.e. it will be neither respected nor enforced.