Day 25 – 19 May – Unbearably hot

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Woah, I actually did get up and go for a run today! I set my alarm for 5:45am and at 6:00am I reset it for 6:20am but then I did actually get up and go out.

I ran from my homestay in Cantarrana to a village halfway between Samara and Carrillo (well, not quite halfway) and back. But silly me, the tide was high which made it hard to run along the beach, and so I came back via the road, which I didn’t realise was up and down and round corners and quite steep. But the temperature was bearable in the morning. Here’s my “MapMyRun” map which if you click it shows in excruciating detail where I went and how long it took me.

Of course, by the time I got back I had drunk a litre of water and in the few hours after that I drunk another 3 litres of water. That was because after the morning passed today was the hottest day out of my four weeks here. Even all the locals were pointing out how hot it was and I’m not sure if it was the heat, the humidity or the fact I’d been running but I was sweating constantly from when I finished my run at 7:30am until about 3:00pm (after I’d been sitting still in class for over 2 hours).

I have never sweat so much for so long in my life and never hope to again, it was absolutely disgusting. During the lunch break I walked from one end of the main street to the other (about 4 minutes) and in that time my shirt got completely drenched from sweat, and because it was light blue it was really obvious. Although it was so drenched it almost looked like that was its proper colour. Before in my blog I think I said I won’t miss the heat and humidity, now I’m saying that I’m almost looking forward to leaving here because it’s so bad. Now that I’ve said that, when I get back to London, I’ll get nothing but rain most likely and then I’ll wish I was back here!

Anyway that’s a thoroughly awful topic, so let’s move on. At lunchtime some students said they were going to Bar Olas later tonight, and it’s not one of my favourite places and therefore wasn’t going to go but Claudia pointed out that there’s not long to go now and she’s right. Although when it came time to go it was raining, and the temperature was still uncomfortably high, so I ended up piking out.

It was impossible to sleep because of the temperature, and at about midnight the thunder got so bad it woke me up with a big fright, it was so strong that the whole house shook.

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