Day 26 – 20 May – Why all the babies?

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EDIT 24 June: I’d clearly been having a bad day this day. The young children weren’t quite annoying as I make them seem here!

So the last few days I haven’t been able to relax at the school because two guys who are studying at the school bring their wives and children along with them every day. One of them has three kids all under 5 and the other has two kids under 2. The wives hang out around the school with the kids for the entire four hour class while their husbands are in class and because their classes are at opposite times to mine, I have my spare time disrupted by kids running around, switching lights and water on and off, moving everything round, screaming and crying, and being general annoyances. I wasn’t aware when I signed up that the school doubled as a nursery.

I can’t lie in the hammocks and relax because the kids are running around, and if the rain is pouring down (like right now), we’re all trapped in the very small office until the rain stops. It’s not nice. I think rather than have toddlers running around everywhere, I’m going to brave the rain soon and go home. And of course I think to myself “these kids did not pay to be here!!!!!!!” Grr.

Ok these kids are annoying me now. I’m going to brave the torrential rain and go and write the rest of this at home.

Alright, so now it’s the next day because it was raining so hard I didn’t take my computer home because I didn’t want all my stuff to get drenched. All the roads were like rivers, at times I had to wade through water that was above my ankles. I also skipped my final chance to go out with my current classmates because it was raining so hard and the other student that I live with nicked off with the umbrella which I so politely requested from my host mum! I also couldn’t do my homework because all my stuff’s in the school.

No photos today, but there will be lots soon because I’m going to get Claudia’s photos in the next 6 hours!

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  1. Comment by angela — May 21, 2010 9pm  

    Oh boy! More photos!

  2. Comment by Your mum — May 27, 2010 9pm  

    Luckily those kids weren’t there the whole time you were at the school!

  3. Comment by Liz — May 29, 2010 2am  

    Ergh to the kids, that’s just plain rude of the parents to bring their offspring to the school.. esp so many so young! (says she who took her baby to a pub last night ;) – at least hes small and well behaved)

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