Day 27 – 21 May – My graduation and last day in Samara

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So, after having a chance to get over yesterday (I had a bad day – normally the children running around don’t bother me) I feel a lot better! Although today was my last day in Samara.

We had a fun lesson the other day, here are some photos. One of us was given a picture of a strange creature of some kind, and they had to describe it to the rest of the class in Spanish and we had to draw what they were describing on the board. Here’s what we drew:

Aliens I Aliens II
Aliens III Aliens IV

In the first, I drew the creature in the top right and the one in the bottom left. In the second, the aliens along the top row are the ones I described to the class. In the third, I drew the black thing with the big head in the top left, and in the fourth, I drew the nose with the muscly arms and hawaiian skirt in the top left. In the fourth, that’s our teacher for the last two weeks.

Being Friday, and the last day of classes, I graduated today, and said my short pre-written speech in Spanish. Looking back on the photos, I seem to be happy, but I don’t remember what I said!

My graduation I My graduation II

I took it easy today. It was a bit sad knowing that today was my last day in Costa Rica. It was sad knowing that I most likely wasn’t going to see my new friends again, but leaving my host family was especially hard – for reasons that I can’t quite explain I had tears in my eyes more than once.

Oh yes, and I took this photo just for Mum, who wanted to see where I was phoning from the one or two times that I called. Right by the beach!

Samara payphones in Costa Rica

Tonight I made sure to spend a few hours with my host family, and talked to them a bit to let them know as much as I could how much I appreciated them (and their food!) and then after I went to meet my friends at Bar Olas one more time.

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