No coeliac disease

March 26, 2011 6pm in Family,Health and Fitness | Comments (5)

Well, I hadn’t actually posted on here but it was talked about on my Mum’s blog that I had gone to St Thomas’ Hospital to check for Coeliac Disease, since my Mum was diagnosed with it last year and it is hereditary. I had my first blood test in December which was inconclusive so I went to the hospital for a gastroscopy in early February.

But lucky for me, yesterday I learned the news that although I do carry the genes for it, I’m not suffering from the disease and won’t suffer it in my lifetime. But because I’m a “carrier” my descendants may have it.

Still, that’s very good news for me. Sometimes I feel like I should have had it and my Mum should not, because she is the foodie in the family and I think it is much more of a big deal for her than it would have been for me. But, I guess you can only play the hand you’re given, as they say.

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  1. Comment by MumMarch 27, 2011 12am  

    That is sad to think that you have had a (even a brief, fleeting) thought that you should have had it instead of me.
    It would have been terrible for you, as your food repertoire has always been fairly limited and Coeliac disease would have made it much WORSE!
    And you’re right, a foodie shouldn’t have Coeliac disease. It is just not right or proper.

  2. Comment by matt — March 27, 2011 3pm  

    Well I know, but I think about how often I eat bread or pasta, and it’s not that much. Oats might be a bit harder to go without, as well as pizza, but I feel like I would have adjusted easier.

  3. Comment by Hannah — March 31, 2011 7am  

    Yay for you!

    Your descendants – hehe.

  4. Comment by MumApril 3, 2011 11am  

    I wonder if you could ever be a sperm donor? Is that the sort of things mum’s shouldn’t ask on a blog?

  5. Comment by matt — April 3, 2011 12pm  

    Yes, there are some things that shouldn’t be asked on a blog :) Funnily enough, I did not ask the doctor this question.

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