7 Meard Street – Nope, no prostitutes here

December 5, 2011 8pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (7)

So I was walking to Princi with a friend of mine yesterday which is a hideously overpriced but really delicious cafe / restaurant in Soho and I passed this door. I really wonder what would make a landlord go to all that trouble to put up a sign like this? I say landlord, because the building had clearly been divided into six separate flats.

This was obviously a very posh part of town once. Shame that each of these beautiful terraced houses have been divided up into what are no doubt tiny overpriced flats.

This is not a brothel.  There are no prostitutes at this address.

This is not a brothel. There are no prostitutes at this address.

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  1. Comment by Your mumDecember 5, 2011 10pm  

    It makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  2. Comment by Hannah — December 6, 2011 4am  

    It would be funny if a prostitute did move in. I wonder if they would request that the sign be taken down?

  3. Comment by dadDecember 6, 2011 8am  

    maybe he does have some in there but doesnt want anyone to know about it

  4. Comment by Lilli — March 2, 2012 2pm  

    It’s just an in-joke from the late dandy artist Sebastian Horsley who lived there. Also, it did used to be a brothel at one stage :)

  5. Comment by matt — March 2, 2012 3pm  

    Hey thanks! Hadn’t heard of him before, but then I read Wikipedia and now I know! The same sign in the photo is even in that article.

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  7. Comment by Londoner — August 19, 2015 2am  

    The whole street used to be a brothel in the 1980s – it was an extraordinary place at night. There was one house at the narrow end that had bars on the windows where girls disported themselves. You were lucky to get through the street with your clothes still on your back!

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