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Velocity diet day 4

July 29, 2009 10pm in Velocity Diet | Comments (0)

Ow ow ow ow.  Some more new exercises like the Romanian deadlift.  Ouch.

Yay, no more weights until Friday.

I measured myself two days ago, and to be honest it’s the first time ever, and the V-Diet instructions don’t tell exactly how you should measure yourself so I don’t know if these are right or wildly out.  But here’s what I got:

Neck: 38cm / 15in
Chest: 95cm / 37.5in
Waist: 92.5cm / 36.5in
Calves left: 38.5cm / 15in right: 40cm / 15.5in (how odd, my right calf is half an inch bigger than my left)
Thighs left: 55.5cm / 22in right: 56.5cm / 22in
Body fat: 13.5%

Still too scared to post “before” photos.
14% of the way through. 20 meals down 120 to go.

Velocity Diet day 3

July 29, 2009 4pm in Velocity Diet | Comments (0)

I can still say I feel great, I’ve never felt hungry despite having no more than 1,500 calories per day (1,800 calories on days where I do weights).  I kind of miss running a bit – but it says “Don’t run!” on the training plan.  Oh well.

I am looking forward to the HSM (healthy solid meal) on Saturday where you get to eat whatever you want (as long as it’s healthy).  I never thought I’d look so forward to vegetables and brown rice.

I didn’t do my weights yesterday because I was still recovering from the weights from day 1.  Luckily I thought this might happen and accounted for it, it means I’m going to do weights Sunday Wednesday and Friday instead of Sun Tue and Thu.

Not much else to report today!

Velocity Diet day 2

July 27, 2009 9pm in Velocity Diet | Comments (0)

Surprisingly I feel really great.  I’ve never felt hungry, and maybe it’s all psychological, but I feel healthier already.  I have a feeling that around day 5 or day 10 I will be extremely sick of drinking protein shakes, but for now it’s not too bad.

I took some “before photos”, I’ll post them when I feel brave (if that ever happens!)

I’m very sore today, because I tried the new exercises in the training plan, some of which I’d never done before (like squats, or this bent over dumbbell lift thing).  It’s been ages since I felt the “soreness” of weight training and it feels good.

I noticed I was a bit “away with the fairies” at work, forgetting to do some of the things that people asked me to do, but I’m really looking forward to seeing some results.

Tower Hamlets – a borough of real contrasts

July 26, 2009 4pm in Tower Hamlets | Comments (2)

Tower Hamlets, the London borough in which I live, doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but for some strange reason I’m proud to live here.  I haven’t yet worked out what that reason is! I went for a walk today around the borough and took some photos.  You can click any of the photos to see a bigger version.

We’ve got some nice canals:

And some not-so-nice canals:

We’ve got a church… with a bar in the basement, which always seemed a bit wrong to me.

We’ve got stunning architecture and silly street names.

Note… I was being sarcastic with the stunning architecture.  In fact, I was absolutely mortified to learn that the name of the first building is Gordon House.

We’ve got the three tallest buildings in the UK.  And we’re not even compensating for anything.

See?  Our buildings are bigger than your buildings.  And our traffic lights are bigger than your traffic lights.

We’ve got Whitechapel Road, the second cheapest street on the Monopoly board.

The 25 Bus that is in the picture is the bus I got on to get out of Stepney as quickly as I could.  I was walking down Whitechapel Road through Stepney and I was quite scared.  There were some people looking at me as if they were going to mug me.  I quickly got on the bus and went down the road about 5 minutes.  Stepney is evil.  Don’t go there, ever.

Here’s an interesting sight I saw on Whitechapel Road…  first time I ever saw a real penny-farthing:

Some other photos I took on my walk:

Feeding time in Tower Hamlets
Feeding time in Tower Hamlets

According to the sign, this area had regeneration that finished in 2001.  Wonder how bad it looked before that.
According to the sign, this area had regeneration that finished in 2001. Wonder how bad it looked before that.

I walk down here on the way to work each day.  Its got no offical name, but I call it Diarrhea Alley, or Dead Rat Passage.
I walk down here on the way to work each day. It’s got no offical name, but I call it Diarrhea Alley, or sometimes Dead Rat Passage.

Oh yeah, we’ve got Tower Bridge and The Tower Of London. But you don’t need to see those. They’re far too touristy.

Cotall St squatters (The most disgusting block of flats, anywhere in the entire world, right here in Tower Hamlets)

July 26, 2009 4pm in Tower Hamlets | Comments (26)

When Mum came to visit in June, I pointed out an ugly block of flats in Old Kent Road which I thought were the ugliest I’d ever seen.  I was wrong.  These flats here are the ugliest I’ve ever seen.  Ever.

They are in Stepney, part of Tower Hamlets.  Stepney scares the hell out of me.  And my sister, who had to get her National Insurance number from the Job Centre in Stepney.  I was almost too scared to take these photos.  They take up almost the whole length of Cotall Street, Stepney.

All the graffiti and disrepair must be a recent thing though… because Street View doesn’t show them to be in quite as bad condition as the photos I took today (from the Street View link, you might have to rotate the camera 180 degrees to see the flats).

I was sure these flats were uninhabited, waiting to be demolished.  But believe it or not, that’s not the case!  There were people everywhere!  Click the photos to see them up close.


I go past these flats a lot, as they overlook the Limehouse Cut canal which I like to run down. 

The worst bit is there’s a brand new fancy apartment block going up on the other side of the canal that, when finished, will have a view directly onto this eyesore.  Poor them.

EDIT: I read this Page:
Apparently they were due to be demolished.  But they’ve been completely taken over by squatters.  Lovely.  Makes sense though.

Grrr… Olympic Site – you owe me a walkway

July 26, 2009 4pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (0)

The construction of the Olympic Village has closed all but two of East London’s many canals.

Grrr.  Olympic Site – you owe me a picturesque canal-side walkway.  A month ago I set out on a big walk to check out all the canals, and they were almost all closed.

Velocity Diet day 1

July 26, 2009 3pm in Velocity Diet | Comments (0)

Well I’m halfway through the first day of the velocity diet.  2 meals down and 138 to go, oh boy this is going to be tough.  I have to take this thing called Leucine, no idea what it is but it’s an essential amino-acid in a powder form that you mix with water and it has one hell of an aftertaste.

I had a lot to eat yesterday so I don’t feel that hungry today.  That makes my first day of the diet not too bad, however I’m not sure how this is going to go after day 4 or 7 or 28.  Oh boy.

I had a vanilla berry protein shake mixed with flaxseed and “superfood” and Leucine for breakfast, then after I got back from a long walk I had a chocolate raspberry protein shake.  Exciting stuff.

Putting runs and walks on the map

July 26, 2009 3pm in Health and Fitness,Yes, I'm a geek. | Comments (0)

For those of you that don’t know, I like running and walking, and each time I go out for at least an hour, I draw the route that I ran on  The site has a lot of bugs, but it’s the best one out there that I know of (that, and I started on that site, and I don’t want to swtich to another site).

Yes, that makes me a geek alright… but it’s a good way to track how far I go each month and how many calories it burns.

I walked for 22km today around Tower Hamlets to take some photos (the map’s just there), and put it on the map when I got back home. I’ll put the photos I took up in a separate post so you can see where I live!  It will be exciting.


July 26, 2009 3pm in Aspergers | Comments (1)

This is something I learned about when I went to Rome with my Mum in 2007 and I was getting a bit panicky because of all the noise and disorder in Rome’s central train station – Rome is very chaotic… I don’t suppose anyone else has noticed that? :-D

She explained to me I have Asperger’s, which is a mild form of Autism.  Characteristics (to rattle off the main headings from the Wikipedia article) include difficulties with social interaction, repetitive interests and behaviour, atypical and verbose language… yup that’s definitely me.  Also loud noise and crowds make me nervous. 

I like to think it goes some way to explaining why I’m such an independent person and have a tough time making really close friends.

Hotlinkers… and free advertising

July 24, 2009 6pm in Yes, I'm a geek. | Comments (5)


What’s hotlinking?  It’s when a website links directly to images hosted on my webserver.  That means that that website gets images on their site, and I pay for the bandwidth.

But… what happens if I delete that image off my webserver?  Or… change it to something else?  Muhahahaha… this gives me an idea.

I’ve knocked up the following image in a few minutes:

Any time anybody downloads anything off my website (, it’s logged.  I can easily check the logs and see which websites are hotlinking to my images.  I’ve found that websites are only linking to two particular images on my server… a picture of a question mark, and a picture of the java icon.

Note… to avoid this problem, all a website has to do is download the image and then re-post it on their own server!

I’m going to replace the appropriate images on my website with the picture above.  That means that those sites that display my images are now going to show the image above!  Check here and you’ll see what I mean (when they notice, they’ll probably take them down, but they were there at the time of writing):