Velocity Diet day 8

August 2, 2009 8pm in Velocity Diet | Comments (3)

Today I had to do the “v-burn challenge”, a day late due to being slack on Friday.  What it involves is doing 10 of each of these, then repeating the whole thing 5 times.

A1 Body-Weight Squat
A2 Hand Walkout – from knees
A3 Single-Leg Deadlift
A4 Push-Up
A5 Jumping Jack
A6 Reverse Lunge – overhead reach
A7 Pike Push-Up
A8 Mountain Climber

I really thought it would be easy.  Jumping Jacks?  How hard can that be!

Boy I was wrong.  After doing 10 of each of these 3 times, I wasn’t sure where I would get the energy from to go on.  After the 4th time, I thought I was going to collapse.  But I went on, and got through all 5 sets in 31m 57s.  I’ll be doing it again in a week’s time and hoping to get a better time.

If any of you have a half-hour spare, and a death wish, I’d love to see you try and do it, and tell me your time.  If you want to see the exercises in more detail, including a video, go here, click “Beginner Program” followed by “Sat / Sun” followed by “Workout Video” then “Play Video”.

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  1. Comment by matt — April 10, 2020 8am  

    Nearly 11 years later – today I had another go at this. It was weird, I managed to do 5 circuits in 17min 39sec, and I even did a 6th circuit bringing the total time to 22min 29sec. Much quicker than I managed it here.

    I guess I do a bit more running and exercise these days, and when I did this challenge back in 2009 I had just done a week worth of weights, which I haven’t done this time. Still interesting to see the difference in times now though.

  2. Comment by matt — April 13, 2020 6am  

    13/4/2020 – 10x A2, A4 and A7 and 12x rest. 22min 11sec.
    19/4/2020 – 23min 45sec.

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